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New graduate

You Finally Graduated! …Now What?

It’s that time of year: this month thousands of students will toss their cap in the air and gleefully celebrate the end to their most recent academic journey. Graduating from college is a great achievement and certainly cause for celebration. But once the cap and gown have been hung up and the last strands of […]

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Miscommunications in the Business World

In a perfect world, all of our professional communication would go smoothly, with each of us saying exactly what we mean and being understood without a hitch. Unfortunately, no matter how much care and preparation you take with your professional communication skills, hiccups in business communication are inevitable. While these snafus may be unavoidable, how […]

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How Clear Is Your Speech?

One common mistake in business communication is not separating your day-to-day speech from your professional speech. When talking casually in everyday situations, we tend to run our words together as we speak. For example, “would’ve” and “should’ve” become “wudda” and “shudda”. “Want to” and “going to” become “wanna” and “gonna.” Although this manner of speaking […]

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The Power of the Pause

When faced with an important professional interaction, people tend to put a lot of thought into what they are going to say. While choosing your words wisely is certainly important, the way in which we speak is equally important. Our tone of voice, rate of speech, and other non-verbal cues often say more about our […]

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Common Speech Issues: Young Adults

In this blog we spend much of our time discussing corporate and business-based communication issues. This week, we’ll take a look at a slightly different topic: speech and communication issues and challenges of teenagers and young adults. The road from childhood to adulthood is notoriously bumpy. One common obstacle along the way is (more…)

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