Young Adults

  • Are you currently in college and want to give an impressive presentation?h

  • Are you a recent college graduate looking to make the transition from student to professional and hoping to ace that next interview?

While college students and recent graduates frequently find they are having a difficult time landing their dream job, often the problem isn’t a lack of experience or knowledge—it’s poor communication skills! Although you may have the knowledge and skills to get your career started, the communication demands of the professional world can often pose a challenge to young adults.

Many young adults are so accustomed to communicating via text, e-mail and social media that they have not practiced the art of spoken communication. This can be a significant stumbling block: between interviews, presentations, and networking, strong communication can make or break your career!

While everyone has their own particular communication strengths and weaknesses, there are some that are common across young adults. At Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC we work on:

  • using breath support to create a strong, dynamic voice that will impress your professor, your interviewer and your new boss
  • reducing filler words (e.g., uh, um, like) and slang (e.g., gonna, shoulda)
  • developing clear and confident speech
  • improving public speaking and presentation skills
  • eliminating mumbling

Our goal is to build the clarity, confidence and professionalism you need to get your career off to an incredible start. As corporate speech-language pathologists, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you shape your communication skills into your most powerful professional tool. We use a ten-point assessment to pinpoint the areas of your communication that need to be targeted, and we develop a personalized training program to help you speak with the clarity and confidence you need to succeed.

Our professional training prepares you for:

  • college interviews
  • professional interviews
  • presentation and public speaking skills
  • networking
  • and more!

Don’t let poor communication stand in the way of your professional success! Call us today, and get your career started right.

jayne-bookIf you’re looking for extra help honing your communication skills to gain that professional edge, check out our newest book, Communicate up the Corporate Ladder: How to Succeed in Business with Clarity and Confidence

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