Speech Improvement and Professional Speaking Skills

Improve your speech and learn to speak clearly with our professional speaking programs!

  • Do people frequently ask you to repeat what you are saying?
  • Do your colleagues ask you to speak clearer?Speech improvement
  • Have you been accused of mumbling?
  • Are you looking to change jobs but you are not getting past the first interview?

Don’t let your speech get in the way of your professional advancement! Clear communication is key to building professional relationships and succeeding in the workplace.

Whether on a job interview, giving a presentation, or simply communicating with colleagues, it is critical to speak slowly and clearly in order to present yourself in the most professional manner. Take a look at how we can help you improve your speech and take your professional communication to the next level:

– Jayne Latz on Slowing your Rate of Speech
As seen on TV with Gurmeet Sodhi : ‘GS with GS ‘ — March 10, 2010

Improve your speech, improve your career!

In today’s business, speaking clearly is imperative. Clear speech will not just help you to keep your current clients but it will help you to build your business as well. Remember to Speak up! for Success.

We will help you improve the way you speak, by training you to:

  • Speak clearly and succinctly
  • Eliminate mumbling
  • Speak at an appropriate rate to be understood
  • Develop a dynamic speaking voice

– Here’s a quick sampling of our mispronounced words class.

Speaking clearly can help you…

  • Improve your professional image
  • Boost your interview skills
  • Increase your confidence in public speaking
  • Give dynamic presentations that get results
  • Climb the corporate ladder

Many individuals don’t realize they are not clear when they are speaking to others, but yet are aware that people are frequently asking them to repeat what they just said. When called for an important meeting or an interview, one’s speech and communication skills play a critical role.

Many young professionals have a difficult time transitioning from college. Although they are skilled and talented, they may not realize they are mumbling, and speaking in shorthand. “Um, yup, and ‘k” will not help them ace the interview and move up the company ladder.

With training by Corporate Speech Solutions you will be taught the skills to speak in a clear, articulate and dynamic manner for all personal and professional situations. We help you speak clearer and more succinctly, project your voice across the room and improve your speaking rate.

Our goal is to help you achieve your business and financial goals and to help you get that promotion or raise you deserve!

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