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Have you ever been in the presence of a great orator?

They move people into action with their words. Everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting for the next sentence… regardless of whether it is an audience of two or two thousand. Don’t you wish you could speak like that… no matter your first language?

Discover Jayne Latz and your too will be speaking and presenting like a pro!


Workshop and presentation topics include:

  • Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder, How to Succeed in Business With Clarity and Confidence
  • Secrets, Tools and Techniques of the Confident Speaker. What great speakers do that other speakers don’t
  • Global Communication Ein-Dos-Three


“Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder” received the following feedback:

86% of participants stated that the workshop exceeded expectations

93% of participants stated that the presentation style was excellent

Our goal is to accelerate the success of your business by providing the skills to be strong communicators.

The clarity of the program to which you treated us, and the confidence with which you delivered it, was nothing short of awesome.       – Alan J. Schwartz

 “I am convinced that your market specific presentations would be well valued for each dollar invested with you. ”      N. Hamlet (NYSSCPA chapter event)

Interactive workshops for your organization

This workshop is designed to deliver techniques that impact the communication skills of your employees and will ultimately lead to increased success in business. At the end of the workshop, the participant will:

  • Gain tools that can immediately be applied to their business interactions
  • Increase their confidence on the telephone and in meetings
  • Develop a dynamic, more authoritative speaking voice
  • Be able to deliver a spoken message with clarity and enthusiasm
  • Be able to identify and correct verbal fillers that are annoying and stand in the way of success

” Our members saw immediate results from her techniques and exercises, both in the increased clarity of their colleague’s communications and in their own confidence when speaking to a large group.”    – Pauline Kehm

Jayne Latz leading Lunch and Learn Workshop

Our goal is to transform business professionals into strong, confident and successful speakers.

– Here’s a quick intro to our vocal projection class.

Feedback attendee at NAPO presentation:

{The change was} members now spoke clearly, slowly and never once used a filler…impeccable!      –Karen Guccione

 Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder, How To Succeed in Business With Clarity and Confidence

Do you get tired of people frequently asking you to repeat what you just said? DO you notice a look of confusion on your listener’s face when you are presenting important information? Don’t you wish you could speak with the clarity and confidence of a great speaker?

You can have the confidence to deliver like well polished presenter sooner than you thought possible.

When Jayne Latz delivers Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder, you will learn tips and techniques so you will always be clearly understood. Your message will be heard. And you will be recognized for your expertise and talents.


This program serves to help the HR/Human Resource community to address communication challenges in the workplace.

 “not one person looked at their blackberry during the presentation.” I would certainly recommend Jayne Latz if you are looking for a similar type of workshop/presentation at your firm or association.”

Leslie Berkoff, Partner
Morrit Hock & Hamroff LLP

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