Public Speaking

Are you uncomfortable speaking in front of a group?

Does the idea of public speaking make you shudder?

Does this sound familiar? You are asked to give a two-minute presentation to upper management. You know the material well. You know what you want to say, but suddenly, it all comes out wrong. You say more than you should and you are unable to be concise in the delivery of the message.

In today’s busy, competitive workplace, public speaking and presentations are a critical part of professional success.

Public speaking is now considered everything you say once you leave your home in the morning.

Public Speaking CSSPeople are asked to give presentations weekly, or even daily. Fear of speaking in front of a group can damage your performance and make you appear unprofessional or unprepared. Luckily, public speaking fears can be erased with skill training, practice, and more practice. With proper training you can learn to be comfortable, poised and effective in any situation.

Corporate Speech Solutions of New York City will train you to speak with power and passion.

How we can help you…

  • Increase Poise and Confidence: Do you tend to look at the floor rather than the audience during presentations? Are you unsure of what to do with your hands? If so, Corporate Speech Solutions can provide instructions and guidance to help you become more dynamic and more comfortable during public speaking.
  • Improve Your Speaking Style: At Corporate Speech Solutions we teach you all the skills that are necessary to not just make the presentation, but to deliver your message with a strong voice, clear speech and succinct, effective language.
  • Attention Young Professionals: “Um like, you know, that was great!” Communication skills in the workplace vary greatly from those used in high school and college. Bad communication habits like rapid speech, mumbling and the excessive use of filler words (um, like, you know) can damage your image and decrease your chances of landing that dream job. With training, you can and will master the communication skills necessary to ace the interviews and get on the road to a lifetime of professional success.

Even though Corporate Speech Solutions is based in NYC, we offter training programs for clients around the globe, including Skype training and two-day courses designed to maximize a short trip to NYC for out-of-town professionals.

Learn to Slow Your Speech

One important key in communicating with one person or one hundred is to use strategic pausing. Using a Strategic Marking System ™ will help you to slow down, emphasize key points, and will help you to eliminate those annoying filler words such as “um, uh, you know, and like.”

Slow Down Your Speaking
– Listen to Jayne Latz, on the importance of slowing down one’s rate of speech and reducing filler words.
As seen on TV with Gurmeet Sodhi : ‘GS with GS ‘ — March 10, 2010

Remember: You are not alone!

Winston Churchill said, “The three most difficult things a man can do are to climb a building leaning toward him, kiss a woman leaning away from him, and deliver a good speech.”

Give us a call today and let Corporate Speech Solutions take the fear out of public speaking.

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