Accent Reduction Training: Designed to improve pronunciation of Standard American English

Corporate Speech Solutions provides  Accent Reduction Training programs designed to improve your pronunciation of Standard American English.  Our training program is private (one to one) and custom designed for each individual. Our materials and experienced trainers make it almost easy to master. Our goal is to provide the  skills for you to speak with greater clarity and confidence while learning to speak with a Standard American Accent and use correct English pronunciations. The effective and proven American accent training techniques we utilize reduce the speech improvement hurdles by focusing on the most difficult and common English pronunciations that will have the greatest positive impact on your business communication skills. Our materials were designed by accent reduction specialists with knowledge and experience on what it takes to succeed with the training.

Check out our results!

Below are two examples of success following our premier accent reduction training program. These results were from clients that worked with  our trainers Alina Kaplan and Lauren Owens.

The first sample was taken at the end of a 20+ session of training. The client demonstrated a 75% improvement between the initial evaluation in August, 2015 and the final test in March, 2016. Listen for yourself to the extraordinary improvement. These are the results that come with dedication and practice.


Trainer Lauren Owens provided our platinum accent reduction training to Sean M. He achieved an outstanding  96% improvement on the following reading passage. Listen to the recordings below to hear what a difference training can make! Are you ready to get started?

Click on the first recording to hear Sean before training. Then click on the recording below to hear Sean’s performance after completing our Platinum Accent Reduction Training.


We know success in all aspects of life depend on the ability to communicate well  with coworkers, clients, and even friends and family. Business communication between individuals in different countries can also post a challenge for many. That’s why we offer training programs to meet the American English pronunciation and accent reduction needs of all individuals for all language backgrounds.

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Jayne Latz, explains an American English Pronunciation Technique that’s used in Accent Training.

Our professional speech training, accent reduction training and English pronunciation lessons improve speech by focusing on:

  • The proper techniques to reduce your rate of speech to improve the clarity and delivery of your message.
  • The importance of syllable-stress to emphasize the different meanings of words.
  • The pronunciation of some of the most common and challenging American English pronunciations.
  • Techniques to increase clarity and delivery of the spoken message in American English language

The two most common types of Accent Training services that Corporate Speech Solutions in NYC offers to its clients are usually categorized into Foreign or Regional. Let’s discuss the difference:

  • Foreign accent training is associated with a proven and customized speaking strategy for those who speak English as a second language.
  • Regional accent training is focused on those with a strong strong regional, US based accent that relates solely to their city and state.
Jayne delivered a communications skills building seminar to Orion Resource Group
Got communications challenges, concerns, questions? Get with Jayne ~ you’ll become confident and clear. Jayne draws you in and adeptly helps you reflect your “best self”. Be it for what you say or how you convey it, Jayne is the real deal. Genuine. Engaging. Enthusiastic. Positive. Professional. Caring. Pleasantly powerful. Motivating. A true champion, teacher and leader in her craft. Spot on!
~ Karen Erbacher, Human Resources Consultant.

Is Foreign Accent Reduction for You?

To help decide if accent training is best suited for you, please ask yourself:

  • Are you frequently asked to repeat what you just said or misunderstood when you speak?
  • Are you tired of people asking you to repeat what you just said?
  • Do you lack confidence in your English pronunciation in the workplace?
  • Is your foreign accent getting in the way of your message?
  • Are you concerned that your accent may interfere with your business success?

Our accent reduction training is not designed to eliminate your accent. Our goal is to provide the training to give you better pronunciation skills, greater confidence and greater credibility.

Learn how to improve your American Accent and English pronunciation skills to increase your professional success!

As a result of our proven and customized accent training program, our clients have moved up the corporate ladder faster, landed new jobs quicker, and increased business by improving their ability to communicate more effectively in business.
Our American accent training in New York will help you learn to speak with ease through the use of emphasis on correct English pronunciations that increase your confidence in the workplace.

Graduates report increased self-confidence and improved speech performance:

  • speaking on the telephone
  • networking with other professionals
  • leading meetings
  • giving presentations
  • interacting with colleagues

Foreign Accent Reduction benefits?

In today’s competitive marketplace, you will gain a competitive edge by learning to speak clearly and with confidence. That’s why with all Corporate Speech Solutions Foreign Accent Training programs, you will learn:

  • learn how to pronounce words correctly in a Standard American accent
  • best ways to use the correct stress and intonation patterns for clearer speech
  • rules for past tense
  • how to handle those tricky silent letters in the English language
  • how to use American idioms to sound like a native English speaker
  • and much more!!

At Corporate Speech Solutions our trainers are true experts. They will exceed your expectations. Don’t let your foreign speech accent and non-native English communication skills stand between you and your professional advancement.

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Is Regional Accent Reduction for You?

  • Do you have a strong regional accent?
  • Do people often ask you where you’re from?
  • Is your regional accent is getting in the way of your business success?
  • Does your strong accent announce “I’m a New Yorker”?
  • Have you ever wanted to change your accent to sound less disctinct?
  • Is your regional accent getting in the way of your business success?

Professional speech training can help!

Have you ever been on a conference call and the person on the other end says, “What part of New York are you from?” Research by Quantified Impressions in 2014 stated that how we say something matters twice as much as what you are actually saying. Learn from the speech experts the correct way to say what you are want to say instead of how you are saying it.

People with regional accents may have pronunciations and speech patterns that are typical in the region in the U.S they are originally from, but can often differ from others in their business community.  Speech coaching can help you reduce your speech accent and master the sounds and patterns of Standard American English, the “accent-less American accent.”

Our regional accent training will help you to speak clearer and gain greater self-confidence
in your daily business with our professional speech training techniques.

Think about your communication skills

  • Is your regional accent getting in the way of your business success?

In today’s global business community, strong communication skills are critical to building your career at any level. Reducing regional speech through accent training can help you build your confidence and improve your communication skills in the workplace in all types of speaking, talking and presenting situations. In today’s competitive marketplace, don’t let your speech and communication skills stand between you and job security!

Accent-reduction training can help you:

Master the sounds of Standard American English

Change your speech patterns and habits

Gain confidence in the workplace and at social gatherings

Be more easily understood by colleagues and clients

Call us today at 212-308-7725 and see just how quickly we can help you speak with clarity and confidence!

Don’t let your accent and non-native English communication skills stand between you and job security!

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