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Corporate Speech Solutions can help you gain, improve and optimize your professional speaking voice, increase your self confidence while speaking and improve your listening and presentation skills.

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Both corporations and individuals will benefit from our speech improvement services.

Corporate Speech Solutions offers a wide variety of speech training programs to help employees improve their communication skills and ultimately your business. Speaking effectively will save you time and increase your bottom line. With professional speech training, you will:

At the end of any one of our training programs, your employees will:

  • Walk away with tools and tips that can immediately be applied to their daily business.
  • Walk away with increased confidence in daily interactions
  • Be congruent in their appearance because their voice will match their talent, skill and expertise
  • Be able to speak and deliver a message with clarity and enthusiasm.
  • Be able to identify and correct verbal viruses that stand in the way of success.
  • Learn to set and measure the correct vocal tone for maximum effectiveness.

Learning is interesting: Implementing is rewarding and profitable to your business.

We can provide for you:

  • Evaluations
    Personal assessment will provide you with a unique profile designed to address your communication needs.
  • Consultation
    Free telephone interview to discuss your speech concerns and how Corporate Speech Solutions can address your unique issues for both your personal and/or professional communication needs.
    Request your free speech help consultation today!
  • On the job training
    Corporate Speech Solutions offers you a choice of a convenient Midtown Manhattan location or speech training sessions right in your own office to save you time during your busy day.
  • Workshops
    One-hour to half-day workshops area available to small and large groups on a variety of topics related to improving communication skills in the workplace. Corporate Speech Solutions will design the program best suited to your speaking and communication needs. All workshops are available first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or later in day.
    More about Speaking Engagements and Workshops.

Who can benefit from our speech improvement services?

  • If you feel that your regional or foreign accent makes it difficult for you to communicate clearly in person or on the telephone, then Corporate Speech Solutions can provide 1:1 or group sessions of 2 or more individuals for speech training to reduce their accents.
  • If you find that your voice is unable to be heard over the telephone or the boardroom, and often does not sound authoritative enough for the workplace, you will benefit from our vocal projection instruction. Occasionally an individual’s voice lacks natural inflections or is monotone and monotonous, and does not capture the listener’s interest. Through tape and/or video sessions, we help you overcome these speech concerns and create a voice that will command attention in the workplace.
  • Did your boss ask you to do a presentation but the thought of it gives you sweaty palms? Do you tend to look at the floor rather than the audience during presentations? If so, Corporate Speech Solutions can provide instructions and guidance to help you become more dynamic and more comfortable during public speaking. Public speaking is a learned skill. With careful, professional guidance, we can develop your confidence and turn you into a dynamic public speaker!
  • Do you occasionally miss or misinterpret what is being said to you? This occurs more than is generally realized. We at Corporate Speech Solutions can help you attend better, sustain your attention and improve overall listening patterns in the workplace.

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