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A Year of Expert Advice!

  Welcome to First Thursday! On the first Thursday of each month, Corporate Speech Solutions features an expert that has a skill or expertise that will enhance your professional skill set. Today, we wrap up this year’s series by reviewing the strategies and skills shared by the professionals that have been featured in 2016. Take […]

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Articulate Your Way To Success

Workshop on Articulate your way to success presented by Jayne Latz on 11-01-2016. I had great time with Jayne  as every word, sentence she spoke for an hour and half ,was very informative in terms of reducing foreign accent reduction, building  vocal power, communicating with clarity and confidence ,eliminating filler words etc etc. Looking forward […]

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Five Simple Tips to Find the Right Words

If you’re like most professionals, you’ve had the experience of poring over an important document, e-mail or report that you’ve written, trying to make sure that you’ve chosen just the right words to convey your message. Unfortunately, in spoken communication you don’t have the luxury of time to choose your words quite as carefully. However […]

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Public Speaking Made Easy!

    Have you ever been in the presence of a great orator?  They move people into action with their words. Everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting for the next sentence… regardless of whether it is an audience of two or two thousand. Don’t you wish you could speak like that… no […]

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