presentation skill training

Great training and great humor; a perfect combination

Paul has a very profound knowledge and I especially appreciated his experience working with groups of different ages. He explains how things work and why we make certain errors. His professionalism allowed him to notice patterns in my pronunciation errors and provide the exact exercise to fix the problem. Paul has an incredible sense of humor […]

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Feedback on speech training

Dear Jayne, I’m pleased to relay to you that your efforts with Gabrielle has paid off in a big and unexpected way.  Last week I was a speaker at our local TEDx event, and Gabrielle really saved me in making my talk a resounding success. During practice the day before the event I was having […]

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Dr. Gerry Goldhaber – NYC

Jayne Latz made a superb presentation today to Gotham’s Expert Witness Group on the Importance of verbal and nonverbal communication cues when presenting opinions to the jury in a trial or in a deposition. She stressed the need for clear speech, avoiding non-fluencies, using our deep breathing techniques to gain composure and relaxation as well […]

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