Tricky Silent Letters (Volume I)

Did you know that in Standard American English we do not pronounce the final /b/ in the word thumb? Also, the /b/ in the middle of the word plumber is silent?

There are many such sounds in English pronunciation that do not follow any rules. Our goal at Corporate Speech Solutions is continuously provide information that will improve your pronunciation of Standard American English so that you increase your sense of confidence during all personal and professional situations.

To help you gain confidence we have just released TRICKY SILENT LETTERS (Volume I), a list of 74 words containing “tricky silent letters” along with the pronunciation and dictionary description.

What’s included?

  • A printed booklet of all 74 “tricky silent letters” words, showing the phonetic pronunciation, and dictionary description.
  • A digital audio file with all 74 words spoken aloud several times, as well as used in a sentence.

Only $6.95!

You will have the opportunity to learn the correct way to pronounce common everyday words and immediately increase your sense of confidence in your daily interactions. Order your copy today!

IMPORTANT! After payment please click on the link that says “Return to Corporate Speech Solutions” and you will redirected to a page where you can download the PDF and Mp3 files.

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