Saying it Better DVD

You asked, we created. Last year a client said, “what would be really great is if I had a picture of you saying the words so I can practice while watching you.”

Thanks to that client we created “Saying it Better,” a visual demonstration of the sounds of Standard American English. Just click on the sound and you will see words and sentences containing the sound you need to practice. This DVD gives you the opportunity to say the words with the expert.

While there are many software programs available, Saying it Better is a unique product to help you master the sounds. Enjoy.

What’s included?

  • A DVD with an easy to use menu to direct you to the specific sound you need to practice. For example: click on /f/ as in the example below and be guided to the words and sentences with that sound. It is that easy.
  • A downloadable PDF of all the written words and sentences. This allows you to see the written word as it is being pronounced on the video.

Just $24.95 (FREE shipping and handling in USA only)

You will have the opportunity to see, hear and learn the correct way to pronounce common English sounds and immediately increase your sense of confidence in your daily interactions. Order yours today!

IMPORTANT! After payment please click on the link that says “Return to Corporate Speech Solutions” and you will redirected to a page where you can download a PDF file. And your DVD should arrive in the mail shortly.

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