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How Communication Can Land You Your Dream Job

Whether or not an interview is successful is more than just luck; there are skills you can learn and practice in advance in order to interview well and make employers want to add you to their team. One critical aspect of being a good interviewer is excellent communication. Since strong communication skills are essential in […]

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How to Say “No” with Professionalism and Grace

Being an agreeable person can be extremely beneficial in the workplace; everyone wants a colleague or coworker who is willing to go the extra mile and is open to ideas and experiences. However, agreeing to everything and anything can be detrimental to your career and your own personal well-being. Many professionals are afraid that saying […]

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Are You Reading Others’ Body Language Correctly?

A huge proportion of communication is non-verbal; your facial expressions, posture, and body language all convey a significant amount of information to your listener. It’s essential to consider your body language when trying to hone your professional communication skills. But once you’ve cultivated your own non-verbal communication to reflect confidence and professionalism, there’s still another […]

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How Does Your Voice Impact Your Career?

There are a lot of  aspects of your communication that can impact how others perceive you: the words you use, your level of eye contact, how clear and precise your speech is. But did you know that your voice quality can also have a significant impact on the image you project? Research has shown that […]

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