HR Benefits

Improving spoken communication skills will increase your professional image around the globe.

Improving the communication skills of your employees will …

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • improve productivity
  • enhance company image
  • decrease employee stress
  • save your company money!!!

Employees that are unable to respond to information in a timely matter can adversely affect the bottom line. According to a study performed by Global English, it is not a question of whether the lack of English proficiency impacts operations, but how much it actually costs the company.

We can help your company improve its bottom line.

Let your talent acquisition department contact us today!

– Hear a sample of what we can do for you and your employees.

In August 2009, Corporate Speech Solutions conducted a poll with 100 respondents.

Results revealed that if a message is not understood, 2/3 people in business will ask for one or two repetitions and then either guess, or take their business elsewhere.

Guessing leads to miscommunication, and miscommunication leads to lost dollars for the company.

Are you looking to improve communication and speaking skills of your staff?

Does your staff need a speech coach in order for them to advance to the next level?

Are your new hires still talking with speech patterns similar to those used in college?

Are your employees…

  • having difficulty speaking to their clients?
  • having difficulty listening to what is being said?
  • unable to speak up and project their voice during meetings?
  • costing you time and money due to insufficient speaking skills?
  • having difficulty pronouncing words in the English language?
  • using filler words such as um, uh, like, excessively?
  • having difficulties with public speaking and presentation skills?

We can offer your talent acquisition department the following workshop topics which include (but are not limited to):

  • How to Communicate More Effectively in the workplace
  • Solid Tips for Second Language Learners and
  • Communication Tips to Launch Your New Career for New Hires
  • Additional topics are available.

Reviews from Happy Clients

Jayne Latz of Corporate Speech Solutions presented “How to Communicate with Power and Purpose” at my law firm this week. She delivered an engaging and interactive, one-hour CLE-credit course. It is always challenging to engage a busy group of professionals for one hour but, as one of the partners commented afterward, “not one person looked at their blackberry during the presentation.” I would certainly recommend Jayne Latz if you are looking for a similar type of workshop/presentation at your firm or association.

Leslie Berkoff, Partner
Morrit Hock & Hamroff LLP

A quick thank you to Gotham’s Jayne Latz, President of Corporate Speech Solutions, is in order. Jayne just completed a “Speak Up for Success” training session for approximately 20 consulting professionals at Nawrocki Smith. It was a great success for our Firm and for each individual attendee, from Staff level to Partners. Jayne’s passion for what she does is obvious, even at 8am!

Thanks Jayne.

Darin V. Iacobelli, CPA/CFF.CITP, CFE
Partner – Internal Audit & Forensic Accounting Services

“I attended one of Jayne’s presentations — “Speak up! for Success How to communicate with power and purpose.” I walked away with added insight and valuable, easy-to-remember tips to improve my speech. Whether for your two phrase introduction, two minute elevator speech, or twenty minute summation, your time with Jayne will be well-spent.”

Benjamin Geizhals
Of Counsel
Moritt Hock & Hamroff

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Speak for Success, Learn to Impress!

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