1. How long is the accent reduction program?
    We offer 8 week and 14 week programs.
  2. Are the speech classes private or in groups?
    We offer 1:1 private sessions for the individual. Small groups are available at your company.
  3. Which program is best for me?
    We offer free telephone consultations to help you determine which speech program is best for you.
  4. Where are you located?
    We have convenient locations in midtown Manhattan. 19 West 34th Street and 150 East 61st Street (at Lexington Avenue) . Both locations are convenient to many subways. We also have Long Island locations.
  5. What are your hours of operation?
    We are open daily until 8:00PM and weekends.
  6. I am often told that I need to speak louder. Can you help me?
    Absolutely! There are wonderful voice exercises that can be introduced to help you project your voice more effectively in meetings and over the telephone.
  7. People often ask me to repeat what I am saying but English is my first language.
    Can you help?

    YES! People have a tendency to speak too quickly and swallow the ends of their words. In just a few short sessions you will learn tips and techniques that will have a significant impact on the way you speak to others.
  8. What about materials?
    Our training programs provide wonderful materials. The Accent reduction programs includes the third edition of Talking Business, When English is Your Second Language. This wonderful training manual contains over 100 downloadable sound files to make practice easy. We continuously update the materials throughout the program.
  9. Will you come to our Manhattan office?
  10. Why should we choose Corporate Speech Solutions?
    • Expertise: All trainers are licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists with advanced certification in dialect training
    • Accountability: we are defined by the results we achieve
    • Flexibility: we offer convenient locations and hours
    • Excellent Customer Service throughout the training program and even after completion of the program
    • Price: We are priced right!

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