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Using Communication to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Last week I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel at the inaugural Intercollegiate Women Leadership Development Conference hosted by the Financial Women’s Association. As a panel member, I collaborated with a range of other pioneering women professionals and spoke with graduate students on how to “shatter the glass ceiling” as they […]

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Improve your business communication skills and learn to leave a lasting impression

How good are you at making a first impression? People formulate their first impression of a person almost immediately after meeting them. This image can be hard to shake once its established. In the professional world, success often relies on establishing strong relationships; if a person connects with you on a personal level, they’re more […]

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How Would You Rate Your Communication Skills?

How well do you actually communicate? While you may have a rough idea of your communication skills, it can be helpful to occasionally step back and formally take stock of your communication strengths and weaknesses. At Corporate Speech Solutions, we’ve developed the following exercise to help you rate your communication skills so you can take […]

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