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Is Anybody Listening?

As a communication coach, I work with clients all the time who want to improve their speaking skills. However, all too often, people neglect the other side of the communication coin: being an effective listener. With the amount of stress most professionals are under and the constant burden of  multitasking, people often find that they […]

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How Would You Rate Your Communication Skills?

How well do you actually communicate? While you may have a rough idea of your communication skills, it can be helpful to occasionally step back and formally take stock of your communication strengths and weaknesses. At Corporate Speech Solutions, we’ve developed the following exercise to help you rate your communication skills so you can take […]

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Improve your vocabulary and improve your communication!

Are You Using These Words Correctly?

At Corporate Speech Solutions, we give our clients the tools to speak in a clear, dynamic manner that gives them the confidence to succeed as a professional. You may have a terrific presentation prepared but if you frequently misuse words, the delivery of your presentation will not reflect your professional skill set. Today, we continue […]

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