Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder

Articulate Your Way To Success!

Are you looking to develop the skills of a dynamic communicator? Are you frequently asked to repeat what you just said? Do you notice a look of confusion on your listener’s face when you are presenting important information? Don’t you wish you could speak with the clarity and confidence of a great speaker? You can have […]

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Corporate Speech Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Helping You Say It Better!

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Corporate Speech Solutions! In 2006 I began the journey of transitioning my experience as a speech-language pathologist into the business world. Inspired by a presentation at a professional conference, I realized I could use my expertise to help professionals from all backgrounds climb the corporate ladder by communicating […]

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More Great Results from our Most Recent Workshop!

Take a look at these testimonials from our recent workshop, Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder: How to Succeed with Clarity and Confidence. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of future events; take a look at our events page for upcoming workshops and lectures, and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates sent directly […]

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